About Us




EXCELLENCE and INTEGRITY in all that we do: We commit to our members and stakeholders to provide accountability for our decisions, transparency in our operations, and respect in our interactions.

PASSION for cheerleading: We are passionate about developing the sport of cheerleading, promoting participation in cheerleading for life as an athlete, coach, official, administrator, supporter, or enthusiast.

Dynamic LEADERSHIP: We strive to advance competencies within cheerleading, recognizing the importance of continuous improvement and innovation.

SAFETY for all: We commit to providing safe, comfortable environments for participation that foster equality, and sportsmanship, breaking stereotypes to show cheerleading as a sport that is safe and inclusive for all.

Contributing to COMMUNITY: We celebrate being a member of the cheerleading and amateur sport communities, work collaboratively to achieve common visions, and recognize the importance of giving back to communities supporting the development of our sport.


The ACA’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan was developed in June 2019 during the Board Retreat. The plan includes our major goals, objectives, and initiatives that are to be developed and implemented over the next few years.


The Alberta Cheerleading Association is dedicated to promoting, developing, and regulating cheerleading across Alberta.


To be the most progressive and innovative cheerleading organization.


Cheerleading has been recognized as a sport with the Alberta Schools Athletic Association since 1984. The Alberta Cheerleading Association was incorporated in 1988. In 2005, the ACA initiated discussions with other provincial cheerleading organizations regarding the vision to collaborate and form a national cheerleading organization by drafting up and circulating a preliminary set of bylaws. Cheerleading Canada Inc. is our National Sport Governing Body with involvement from every province. 

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