Below is a list of items that must be completed when starting a school cheerleading team. If you have any question regarding the formation of a cheerleading or dance team, please contact our Program Coordinator through email at

  • Permission from the schools administration (Principals, Athletic Director and School Board)
  • A coach, certified to the level the team will be competing at (they will need to take an ACA coaching certification to the level that the team will wish to compete)
  • A teacher advisor, preferably with at least ACA Level 1 Certification but this isn't mandatory
  • Practice space
  • Practice mats
  • Insurance, whether through the school district, or ACA
  • Mission for the team (competitive, non-competitive, both? What is the purpose of the team?)
  • School/district permission forms
  • Membership with the ACA (November registration)
  • Notify Zone of intent to compete and attend Provincials (this is the Athletic Director’s job)
  • Practice schedule (set by the coach and Athletic Director)
  • Performance/competition schedule (set by the coach and Athletic director)
  • Register for competitions
  • Cheer shoes for members
  • Uniforms, in school colours
  • Routine music, a routine (if competing)

Typically the Teacher Advisor handles paperwork, registering for competitions, booking the bus, booking the gym times, keeping athlete files up to date, collecting money, ordering clothing and uniforms, being the bridge between school and coach, dealing with parents, etc.