Travis Pang

Name: Travis Pang

Board Position: Director

Bio: Travis has been involved in the sport since 2006. Travis started out as a Junior High Pom athlete and stayed on through to All Star cheer. Travis has competed at the IASF World Cheerleading Championships for the past 3 years, and decided to retire after Worlds 2018 to return to school to complete his Bachelor of Commerce degree. He has been coaching since 2012 and has coached teams ranging in Allstar Level 1 through 3, tumbling levels 1 through 5, as well as Junior High and High School divisions (on the old system). Travis is one of the owners at Rock Solid Cheer which has taken him all across Western Canada teaching skills and doing choreography. He has also been judging since the 2013 - 2014 season. Outside of cheerleading, Travis works full-time for a car dealership in Payroll & Accounting.