Registration: Steps 2 - 4


Step 2:

Download and complete the Excel sheet for your program. Once complete, email to

  • ALL fields of the Excel roster must be completed.

  • Incomplete forms will not be accepted and must be amended prior to November 30 to avoid a late fee.

  • All clubs and schools must have their membership approved prior to competing in any ACA sanctioned competition.

  • Please save and email files as an excel (.xlsx) format. 



Step 3:

Click on the button below and complete the registration for Cheer Canada. Every coach, advisor, coach in training & athlete must be registered and become a member of Cheer Canada.

Coaches and athletes that cross over between scholastic teams or between scholastic and All Star only need to be registered once.

Note: Cheer Canada Registration is a Mandatory requirement of Cheer Canada.



Step 4:

If you require insurance through the ACA, it is available for $17.25/person. Insurance is valid from November 15, 2019 until November 14, 2020.
Insurance through the ACA is optional however, all schools, clubs, athletes and coaches must have insurance.




You must complete all required steps in order for your membership to be reviewed for approval.

Failure to complete all steps in full could result in late fees being applied to your account and the inability to perform at an ACA sanctioned event.

Once all steps are completed in full and verified by the ACA you will receive a confirmation email that your membership is approved.