Membership Registration


There are multiple steps to complete for your membership. Once you have completed step 1, you will be redirected to the remaining steps.

STEP 1: ACA Membership

  • All Alberta organizations who wish to compete at ACA sanctioned events must have an ACA membership.

  • Each physical location must purchase a separate membership.

STEP 2: Membership Roster.

  • Download and complete all tabs in the Excel spreadsheet for your type of team (School or All Star) and email to in Excel format.

  • All information input into the spreadsheet will be shared with Cheer Canada.

STEP 3: Cheer Canada Membership Registration

  • All schools and clubs are required to register with Cheer Canada.

  • Click the link to complete the Cheer Canada Membership Registration. You will need the total number of athletes, coaches, advisors.

  • Do not count cross over athletes between scholastic teams or that cross over between scholastic and all star.

  • Cheer Canada’s cost per member is $5.00 + $1.50 admin fee. A handling fee will be added to credit card payments.

STEP 4: ACA Insurance (Optional)

  • All athletes, coaches, schools and clubs must hold insurance. This may be through the ACA or an alternate provider.

  • The ACA will request evidence of insurance.


  • All memberships are not considered complete until all required information and payments are received and confirmed by the ACA.

  • Clubs and schools with outstanding fees will not be permitted membership until all balances are paid.

  • If you are registering more then 10 teams, select 10+ and enter the amount in the field.