Legality Update: December 19, 2018


With competition season upon us, the ACA would like to remind coaches to double check your routines for potential legality issues. Resources are in place to provide legality rulings.

Please see below for a list of commonly called legality issues so far this season:

Allstar Level 1

  • General Tumbling B: Tumbling over, under, or through a stunt, individual, or prop, is not allowed. Clarification: Tumbling over/under an athlete's body (including arms and/or legs) is not allowed.

    • Example: Cartwheels and walkovers performed over another athlete

  • Standing/Running Tumbling D: No tumbling is allowed in immediate combination after a round off. If tumbling does occur after a round off a clear and distinct pause must immediately follow a round off or round off rebound.

    • Example: Back walkover immediately following a round off

  • Stunts J1: Inversions are not allowed. Clarification: All inverted athletes must maintain contact with the performance surface.

    • Example: Swinging transitions where the top person becomes inverted off of the performing surface

  • Stunts K: Bases may not support any weight of a top person while that base is in a backbend or inverted position.

    • Example: Pyramid structure where top person places foot onto a person in a bridge

Allstar Level 2

  • General Tumbling F: There is no twisting or turning allowed after a back handspring step out. The feet must come together after the skill is completed prior to twisting or turning.

  • Stunts B1: Single leg stunts above prep level are not allowed. A single leg stunt may not pass above prep level.

    • This legality was commonly called during half-turn transitions where the flyer was supported under a single foot.

Allstar Level 3

  • Running Tumbling B: No tumbling is allowed after a flip or an aerial cartwheel.

    • Example: A roll that immediately follows a front and/or back flip


  • Extensions may not brace extensions in the Beginner, Novice and Intermediate divisions. This skill first becomes legal in the Median division.