The philosophy behind the judging program is to:
• Evaluate teams fairly with the goal of education
• Always keep the safety of the athletes in mind
• Judge with integrity, openness and enthusiasm
• Create an atmosphere of respect for all coaches, judges, athletes and parents


  • A minimum of 2 years cheering/coaching experience in School or All-Star Cheerleading

  • Must be at least 18 years old to judge at an ACA sanctioned competition.

  • It is ideal if judges are available to judge at three or more events per season.


Panel Judge

  • Responsible for judging all levels of School and All-Star Cheer.

  • Will be responsible for judging either Building Skills, or Tumbling/Jump Skills and providing comment sheets for coaches


Overall Judge

  • Responsible for judging all levels of School and All-Star Cheer

  • Judged more than 2 seasons or discretion of ACA Staff


Safety Judge

  • Will be responsible for falls and rule infractions

  • Must have previously judged more than 2 seasons.

  • Must hold certification from both the IASF & the ACA in order to judge.

  • Required to independently complete the IASF online training and exams offered through the IASF for levels 1-7:

  • Safety judges must complete both facets because the IASF training pertains to all-star and does not address various components of the sport including Scholastic, Performance Cheer, Game Day etc. 

  • Participants will be asked to submit their IASF training certificate to the ACA. More details will be given to those who register for the ACA’s safety certification sessions.