Divisions & Rules

To support safe and proper progression within the sport of cheer and dance, each team competes in a division based on their age grouping and skill level. Each team must be coached by an ACA Certified Coach who is certified to the level in which they are coaching. Cheer and dance teams must refer to the ACA’s Competition Policy.

Should you have any questions or rule clarifications, please contact the ACA at judging@albertacheerleading.ca



Scholastic Cheer

The ACA has adopted the Canadian Scholastic ICU Rules and Regulations and Cheer Canada's Age Grids.

NOTICE: For the 2019/20 Competition Season, the ACA WILL NOT be adopting Cheer Canada’s Senior High Median Division. This is aligned with ASAA’s policies - the ASAA will not be adopting this division for the 2019/20 season. Teams will need to be all-gender Intermediate or all-girl advanced or all-gender advanced.

School Pom will follow/IASF dance rules but not IASF Divisions. Please refer to the 'Divisions' section in the Cheer Canada School Competition Grid. School pom will follow the Junior, senior, open rules.

All Star Cheer

The ACA currently uses the IASF Rules and Cheer Canada Age Grid & Divisions for All Star cheer and dance divisions.



Specialty Divisions

The ACA has adopted Cheer Canada’s Age Grids and the Canadian Scholastic ICU Rules for Scholastic Dance and the IASF’s Rules for All Star Dance and Performance Cheer.

  • Specialty divisions include individuals and duos competing a routine that does not include stunts, as well and Partner and Quad Groups that compete in the stunt division.

  • All specialty division athletes must follow age-appropriate rules.

  • High School athletes must follow High School cheer rules, All Star athletes must follow IASF rules at the level they are competing.

  • Partner Stunts can be same-sex or a male-female combination and may include a spotter. Quads may include up to five (5) athletes and may only include female athletes.

  • Time limit: 1:30 all music format.

  • Timing begins with the first beat of music and ends with your intent to leave the floor.

  • Penalties are the same as regular cheer teams.