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ACA Judges' Training - Edmonton

  • TBD Edmonton, AB Canada (map)

Course Times:

Panel | Saturday | 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Safety | Sunday | 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Note: Times may be subject to change. Registration will begin at 8:30AM.

  • Judges' training/certification is open to any individual residing in Alberta, 16 and over including athletes, coaches, teacher advisors, ex-athletes, ex-coaches, etc. However, to judge at an ACA sanctioned competition, all judges must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

  • Judges' training is required for all Alberta judges regardless of years of judging experience or non-ACA Judging Certifications.

  • Judge's who are not an ACA member will be required to register as an Officials Member on or before November 15, 2019. ($5.00 ACA & $5.00 Cheer Canada)

Safety Judges - 

Safety judges must hold certification from both the IASF & the ACA in order to judge this season.

Safety judges will be required to independently complete the IASF online training and exams offered through the IASF for levels 1-7:

Safety judges must complete both facets because the IASF training pertains to all-star and does not address various components of the sport including Scholastic, Performance Cheer, Game Day etc.

Participants will be asked to submit their IASF training certificate to the ACA. More details will be given to those who register for the ACA’s safety certification sessions.

What is Judges' Training?

Each year, the ACA recruits judges from across Alberta to judge at ACA Sanctioned Competitions. Judges are an invaluable part of competitions, and we hope that you are considering becoming a judge yourself!

The ACA will provide in-depth training on panel scoring for All-Star Cheer, Scholastic Cheer and All-Star/ Scholastic Performance Cheer (dance) as well as offer insight and guidance for judges.

All judges will be required to pass a Judging Certification Exam following the training.

Certified judges may also judge at other PSO sanctioned competitions across Canada (as per each PSO's requirements).

Why Judge?

  • Community - Help promote growth and sustainability for cheerleading in Alberta and Canada.

  • Knowledge - Expand your knowledge of cheerleading.

  • Integrity - Be a good example and help to ensure that teams have an accurate and fair score after competing.

  • Network - Meet like-minded people.

  • Travel - Have an opportunity to travel across Alberta and Canada

  • Cash - Earn some extra money!

If you are new to judging and would like additional information on becoming a judge, please contact the Executive Director at

I’m interested in judging however I am not sure if I have time. Is there a minimum number of competitions I must commit to?

No, however it would be ideal if you were available to judge at three events or more.

Are you a Coach?

We highly recommend that all coaches attend this training.

Understanding scoring is one of your most important responsibilities to your team. Your attendance will equip you with the knowledge and background for scoring methods. The session will be available at a discounted rate (1/2 price) for coaches who will not be certifying as a judge.

Note to Coaches: Judges’ Training is designed solely for the education of individuals wishing to judge at ACA sanctioned competitions this season. Coaches who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of the judging process are welcome to attend the training, but please note that Q&As throughout the day will be prioritized for prospective judges only.

NOTE: ACA’s Cancellation & Refund Policy is in effect. Visit the website for more information

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