New Competition Policy for ACA Sanctioned Events (effective January 1, 2018)

1) ALL teams competing at ACA sanctioned events must have at least one coach credentialed up to the level that their team is competing in.

2) ALL coaches must have valid credentials in order to enter the athlete and warm up areas. Coaches in Training (CIT) will be permitted into warm up areas without valid credentials but may not be left alone with the team for warm and practice times.

3) Coach(es) in Training must be listed as a coach of the performing team, must be a coach in good standing at the gym/school he/she is representing.

Teams that do not have coach(es) certified (to the level) with them in the warm up area will not be permitted to compete. 

Note: Only credentialed coaches, coaches in training (CIT), gym owners and teacher advisors will be permitted with their team in the athlete & warm up areas.

Note: Out of province teams must submit valid credentials in order to enter the athlete & warm up areas.

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