Clarifications & Disputes

Rule Clarifications

Teams may request clarification regarding routine skills by contacting the ACA Technical Coordinator/IASF no later than 5 days prior to the event at which the skills will be performed.
       1. School Cheer clarifications: Email the Technical Coordinator -
       2. All Star Cheer clarifications: Email IASF directly -

Due to time and geographical constraints, a video clip of the skill(s) in question will be the only accepted sumission format. Please ensure that the video depicts several different angles of the elements.

Please be advised that even if a stunt has been approved by the Technical Coordinator, should the execution of that skill change or the stunt be varied from its approved version the stunt may be deemed illegal by the Safety Judge during competition.

NOTE: All judges, including the Technical Coordinator, are not obligated to answer questions about your routine during the coaches’ meeting or any other time prior to the start of the event.

Disputes & Appeals

All judging decisions are final. If you have a concern regarding the judging results, the following steps should be taken:

  • Within 5 days of the competition, submit via e-mail, a letter expressing your concerns to the ACA Technical Coordinator. This letter must also be Ccd to the ACA President and the Teacher Advisor/Principal/Gym Owner of the Coach/school/team expressing the concern.
  • The ACA Technical Coordinator/Supervisory Judge will address your concerns in an email within seven (7) days after receiving the complaint, after s/he consults with the judges and/or persons concerned. This response will also be sent to those individuals Ccd in the original complaint letter.

Concerns or complaints must always be addressed in writing. Verbal complaints are strongly discouraged. Direct confrontation of the judges or Technical Coordinator is considered inappropriate and is strongly discouraged. Such actions could result in suspension from future ACA events.

For Provincial competitions an appeal may be made to the ASAA. Please contact the ASAA Commissioner for cheerleading for information on this process.

NOTE: Teachers must always follow the ATA Code of Conduct.