Score sheets & Rubrics

Below is the 2017-2018 scoring system used by the ACA judges. Coaches are responsible for knowing the score sheets, rubrics, rules and deduction system for the division they are competing in. 

School Cheer (Will be updated by august 30, 2017)

Score Sheet
Penalty Sheet - Updated Jan 24, 2017
Safety and Deductions System - Updated Jan 27, 2017
Rubrics/Scoring System
Level Appropriate Skills

All-Star Cheer

The Varsity Scoring System has been adopted by the ACA for all All Star divisions. Below are the score sheets that are used for the various all star divisions as well as the penalty sheet for these divisions. Additionally below are the Varsity rubrics and level appropriate skill examples that are used by judges. 

All-Star Level 1 Score Sheet 
All Star Level 2-6 Score Sheet
All Star Prep Score Sheet
All Star Indy Score Sheet
All Star Partner/Group Stunt
Penalty Sheet
Safety and Deductions System
All Star Rubrics/Scoring System
All Star Prep Rubrics/Scoring System
Level Appropriate Skills