Kim Hung School

An exciting new opportunity awaits 2-3 coaches who have the desire to build a team or two from the ground up!!

Kim Hung School is a new K-9 school on the west end.  We have many girls interested in starting up a cheer team. For the 2017/2018 school year we had a performance team, but did not compete. Our athletes are ready to take it to the next level!
We have up to Level 3 All Star athletes, gymnasts and girls new to cheer, and a supportive adviser(who will be coach if necessary.)

The challenge:
We need to select uniforms and build a solid program with a grade 4-6 team and a grade 7-9 team

This position will be long term for cheer coaches to help build something from the ground up!

A positive attitude & Passion for the sport
School or All Star Coaching Experience
ACA Level 1-2 certified
First Aid Certified
Respect In Sport
Concussion in Sports

This is a Volunteer Position

Contact: Jeaneen Jacobs | 587-489-4718