Judges' Training Facilitators

We are delighted to have on board three fantastic facilitators for the 2016/17 ACA Judges' Training!

Chris Showalter.jpg

Chris Showalter - Panel Judge Training

Christina is a former member of the cheerleading and dance teams at DePauw University. Her cheerleading experience includes four years as an NCA staff member, eight years coaching high school and all star teams and 18 years judging cheer and dance competitions. She has served as a Head Judge for NCA, UCA, ACA, USA and Cheer America. She also serves as a judge for The All Star Games. Christina’s international experience includes Cheer Evolution’s Canadian Provincials and Nationals, Cheer Chile’s Nationals, the Alberta Cheerleading Association and the Australian All Star Cheer Federation Battle Series and Nationals. She has been a Worlds judge for seven years and currently serves as a Head Judge at Worlds.

Ian Pudge.jpg

Ian Pudge - Safety Judge Training (All-Star)

Ian has been a USASF Certified Legalities/Safety Official extensively through both Canada and the US. He has judged Worlds on multiple occasions, as well as national championships and World bid events for NCA, UCA, Cheer Power, Canadian Cheer Evolution, GSSA, ACA, Spirit Celebrations and CHEERSPORT. He is also a USASF Core Safety Judge. Originally from Toronto, Ian now lives in Chicago, IL.


Samantha Paradee - Safety Judge Training (School)

Sam has cheered throughout school and has coached the G.S. Lakie Junior High team for several years. She was also a Gym Owner and Head Coach at Elements before becoming and owner and coach at Perfect Storm Athletics in Lethbridge. Sam is an experienced judge with the Alberta Cheerleading Association and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the ACA Board of Directors. She also Chairs the ACA Judging Committee.