Archived September 30, 2016


Over the last weekend three members of the Alberta Board of Directors attended the Cheerleading Canada Annual General Meeting in Montreal. It was an interesting and exciting event, held in concert with Spring Tumbling's Montreal Cheerleading Conference.

Over the last six months new bylaws were drafted through collaboration across Canada, with involvement from Provincial Sports Organizations and various interested individuals. These bylaws were presented to members of Cheerleading Canada and a positive resolution was expected.

At the AGM the proposed bylaws were defeated by the Quebec Cheerleading Federation, the Ontario Cheerleading Federation, and the Manitoba Association of Cheerleading.

A positive outcome of the day was the election of an experienced and capable board of directors, which demonstrates that the majority of the country could work together in a positive spirit to achieve a desired result.

This board, the president being Don Moffat (father of Ali Moffat of the CheerSport Sharks), is motivated to act quickly. They will be reviewing the decision relating to Manitoba, and taking steps to determine what changes may be desired by Ontario and Quebec to the existing Cheer Canada bylaws in order for Cheerleading Canada to take the next steps.

Of particular note to our members, there are two Albertans with positions on this new Board of Directors: Adam Guiney, (husband of Jennifer Guiney, Past-President of the ACA), and Kandy Paradee, (mother of Samantha Paradee, Vice President of the ACA).

Although disappointed that the Bylaws were not passed as presented, we are confident that Cheerleading Canada has taken a positive step in the direction of good governance. We look forward to working with Cheerleading Canada for the betterment of cheerleading across our country.